October 2013


Best of the Best

Funny or Die- Videos created by Will Ferrell and other comedy professionals.

The Onion- This online news parody needs no introduction. Don't miss their video segments.


Rocket Jump- Action oriented tomfoolery with high production values. 


Modern Drunkard Magazine- Prose on a bender. 
Late Night Mistakes- Drunken shenanigans.

Animal Cuteness

Chuba & Company- Daily updated photos in blog format.
Funny Animal PicturesWell categorized, updated daily.  


Liartown USA- Hilarious Photoshop takes on current commercial culture

The Best Page in the Universe- Profane diatribes against anything and everything. 

Photoshop Troll- Blog which doctors people's photographs upon request.  Results are hilarious

Cartoons/ Comic Strips

Angry Alien Productions- Cartoon bunnies re-enact classic movie scenes. 

Axe Cop- Professionally drawn cartoon strip written by a five year old. 

Explosm- A daily cartoon strip featuring Happiness and Cyanide. 

Garfield Minus Garfield- Original Garfield strips minus  Garfield. 

Go Comics- Database of traditional newspaper comics.  

Jesus and Mo- JC and his good friend Mo. 

Pixton- Design your own comic strip.


Mrs. Betty Bowers- Is  "America's Best Christian." 

Christwire- Parody from the left. 

Landover Baptist Church- "Where the Worthwhile Worship. Unsaved Unwelcome!"


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee- Jerry Seinfeld's web series. 

Comedy Central Stand-Up- Comedy Central's comedian archive, with video clips. 
Dead-Frog- Database of comedians with videos.  Has search tools for local night club acts.   

Gigmasters.com- Book a local comedian.  Video clips and info on local acts. 

Journal of LOL Comedian Links- Our collection of YouTube links of comedian performances.

Funny Commercials World- New commercials with an archives section.

Funny Place-  Updated daily. Current and archived  commercials. 

Charts and Graphs

Graph Jam- Updated daily. 

I Love Charts- Updated daily.  

Death Pools

Stiffs- Predict celebrity deaths and win big bucks.

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey- Weekly deep thoughts from the famous book series


Bluntcard- Snark with 1950's era artwork.

JibJab- Has interactive and design-your-own features. 

Some Ecards-  Big with the Facebook crowd. 

Rotten eCardsBut rotten funny!  

Failure, Humiliation, and Ridicule

CheezBurger- The umbrella site for: Fail Blog - ROFLrazzi, The Daily What? and others.

D-Bagging- As in "Douche-bagging." Guys trying too hard. 

Darwin Awards- In the survival of the fittest, some are unfit. 

FML- Short for F*ck My Life. Having a bad day? Read this and feel better.

Hot Chicks with Douche bags- Self-explanatory. 

True stories about customer service. 

Passive Aggressive NotesSome aren't so passive. 

People of Walmart- Not everyone is beautiful.

Pop Hangover Network- The umbrella site for : Damn You Auto- Correct, Work LOLs, and others 

You Drive What?- Customized sleds. 

Winning at Everything- Or losing at everything.

WTF Tattoos- Amazing, what some people will do! 


Awkward Family Photos- Keep scrolling. The effect is cumulative.

The Proud Parents- Parenting failures. 

Your Kid's Art Sucks- Art from untalented children.


Cake Wrecks- Cakes gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Candy Boots- Scary Weight Watchers cards from '74

Food Network Humor- If you don't get the insider jokes, wait for the ones you do.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food- Bad food nostalgia.  


Stuff White People Like- No longer updated but the archives are a treasure trove. 

Unhappy Hipsters- The ennui of  architecture and design. 

Hitler's Downfall

Hitler Rants Parodies-YouTube Downfall channel. 


A Word In Your Eye-The world's best Jewish joke site.

Harry Leicter's Jewish Humor- With numerous links to other Jewish humor sites. 

Heeb Magazine-  For the "plugged in and preached out."

Jewish Humor Central- Daily video blog, themes humorous and cultural.


Jackass Jokes-  Well categorized. 

Jokes.com- Clean to dirty.

101jokes- An older site, but jokes never die.

Vicky's Jokes- These can't all be Vicky's, can they?

Work Joke- Categorized by profession.


Dumb Laws- Pointless, absurd and antiquated US laws. 


American Tour: Fifty Dirty Limericks- One for each state of the union.

Loony Limericks- Over 1,000 in the database.


Awful Library Books- Librarians weed their collections. 

The "Blog of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks- You will either "like" this or you "won't."

Winners" to read the most wretched prose imaginable.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency- Reviews, columns, and miscellaneous essays and lists.

Shouts and Murmurs- Humor from the New Yorker.


CollegeHumor- Original and archived content.

Cracked- Original videos, and their now famous list- formatted articles.

Mad Magazine- The magazine's online edition.

The Mark Twain Award

The Mark Twain Prize Award Show- Stream full episodes and clips from the funniest award show in show biz.

Mug Shots

The Smoking Gun Mugshots Section- Match perps with their crimes and occupations.


Awkward Classical Music Photos- Say "Middle Ceeee!"

Epic Rap Battles of History- This could be terrible but it's great.

Rhett and Link- Song writing duo. High production values. 


Fark.com- Daily entries from actual news outlets.

News of the Weird- Chuck Shepherd reports on the bizarre.

The Onion- There is no other.


Institute of Offical Cheer- James Lileks explores American bad taste. 


Duh Corp.- Faux technical services provider website.

eGad- An ancient eBay parody.

Huh? Corp- Faux marketing website.

Regretsy- Etsy.com content with derisive commentary. 

Uhpinions- Product reviews.

Unclyclopedia- The anti- Wikipedia.




Bad Poetry- Links to some famously bad poems and poets.

Heretical Rhyme Generator- Supply the first line and the computer does the rest.

Humorous Poems-  From the Poetry Archive.
McGonagall Online- The complete poems of W. T. McGonagall, the worst poet in the English language. 

Verybadpoetry.com- Perpetrated by a community of deliberately bad poets.

Office Guns- Build guns using office supplies.

YD Industries Web Catalog- With a parody of an inter-office intranet. 


The Borowtiz Report- "The news, reshuffled." From the left.

Colbert Nation- Colbert Report site with full episodes.

Comedy Central's Indecision- Left-leaning political clips and videos from Comedy Central.

Daily Show- Show's official site.  Clips from the show and more. 

Frank Fleming- Droll commentary from the right.

Iowahawk- Political parody, mostly. From the right.

The People's Cube- Once described as "a Stalinist version of the Onion."

Scott Ott-A daily news video. From the right.

Thomas Friedman Op/Ed Generator- Friedman fans might not notice the difference.

Political Cartoons

The Cagle Post- Featuring work from dozens of the world's top practitioners. 


Improv Everywhere- Videos from the New York City prank collective.

Just for laughs-Gags- Original pranks.

MTV's Pranked- Full episodes and clips.

Prank Vs. Prank- Boyfriend vs. girlfriend.

Zug- Prank super-site. 

Prank, Gag, and Joke Supplies

Radio and Audio

A Prairie Home Companion- Clips, photos and scripts.

Accuradio- Streaming audio comedy.  Choose era or comedy type.

Mevio-  Mevio's old time radio comedy channel.

Old Radio World- Comedy section of Old Radio World.  

Pandora- Type in a comedian or "comedy" in the search field and let it rip.

RadioLovers- Extensive collection of old radio shows.

Spotify- Entire comedy albums for audio streaming. 

Scam Baiting

3rd Annual Nigerian Email Conference- Classic email scam parody site.

419 Eater- "The largest scam baiting community on the planet!"

419 Hell- Scam info and tales of baiting.

10 Great Scam Baiting Operations- Scam baiting's greatest hits.


Fake Science More fun than real science.

Teach the Controversy- Intellegently designed T-shirts


Funny Signs-  Figure this one out for yourself.

I love Bacon- Signage and various. 

Social Media

Awkward Messages- From Facebook and Twitter. 

Lamebook- Facebook lameness.

Texts From Last Night- Unfortunate texts. 


Bobblehead Sports- Updated daily. 

Funny Baseball Cards- Not just limited to baseball.

Golf'un- Golf humor and gag site. 

Last Angry Fan- The newest absurdities in sports.

Sports Pickle-  Sports humor and satire. 

TV Shows

Classic Shows- Our YouTube, Hulu, etc links for full episodes of classic shows
Comedy Central- Channel's website.  A selection of comedy shows and standup.

FOX Shows

Hulu- Tons of TV shows, comedies, and more.

Late Show with David Letterman- Clips and full episodes.

Jimmy Kimmel Live- Clips and full episodes

Saturday Night Live- Clips and full episodes

Team Coco-  Conan O'Brien show website. 

Tonight Show with Jay Leno- Clips and full episodes.





Thinks.com- Numerous categories include aphorisms, palindromes and Tom Swifties.

Washington Post Style Invitational- Weekly wordplay and humor contest.
YouTube Channels

Bad Lip Reading- Is that what they really said?

Julian Smith- Skits and songs.